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We gathered cookbooks, talked about our grandparents cooking with our parents. We made, cooked, savored and enjoyed food as a family. We embarked on a culinary journey to share our family recipes and flavors. That’s how Saveri began. Join us on the journey of wonderful spices and memories

Damas Gourmet Restaurant was established in summer 2020, defying conventional conceptions about Arabic, Iranian and Pakistani food, creating a distinctively fascinating dining experience by exhibiting both new and familiar flavors via a creative lens. The mystery and intricacy of Arabic cuisine serve as an excellent storytelling element, which features spices and herbs sourced from the best agricultural lands across the country.

Damas Gourmet Restaurant,
Sheikh Rashid Rd – Garhoud – Dubai

+971 56 107 8786,
Open: 09:00 am – 02:00 am